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Slitting Line

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VSM Venture automated high speed slitting lines can process HR, CR, GP, CRGO, and special purpose grades of steel as well as non-ferrous strips like aluminum and thin foils. The capacity of these lines ranges from 300 to 2000 mm (width), 0.10 to 12 mm (thickness) in strips and 20 to 60 microns in foils. Input coil weight can go up to 40 Mt and line operating speed of 500 MPM has been achieved.

VSM Venture also manufactures edge-trimmers. The edge-trimmer heads can be injecta-mounted, inter-changeable with the slitter heads or can be buitl into dedicated edge-trimming lines. Such dedicated lines are manufactured upto a speed of 600 mpm. 

DC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 230- 1000VAC ;
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60Hz (Variation: 48-62Hz) ;
  • Outgoing Amperes: 25-5150A DC ;
  • Ambient: 0-50 Deg C ;
  • Ampere range: 25A to 5200A ;


AC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 200-230 VAC( +10% -15%), 380-500VAC (+10% -15%)
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60 Hz, +/-5%
  • Ambient: 0-45 Deg C ( 0-40 Deg C with Ip40 Cover)
  • Power range: 0.5KW to 2900KW