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Tension Levelling Lines

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VSM Venture Tension Levelling Lines provide excellent metal sheet flatness required for high quality applications.

Tension levelling lines can be "Coil-to-Coil" or "Coil-to-Sheet" type or a combination type, offering both of these facilities.

Tension Leveller :

The tension comprises an undriven leveller arrangement with entry and exit bridles. The degree of elongation is determined by the difference in the speed or the tension generated between the bridles and is controlled automatically by the electrical system. The bridles can be provided with any of several different drive systems such as closed loop mechanical differentials, all-electrical drives and combination electrical-mechanical drives. The leveller can be equipped with the 2,4,5 or 7 work roll modules. The configuration of 4 Hi or 6 Hi can be provided depending on the extent of surface criticality and type of material. The tension leveller design allows good access for cleaning and maintenance.

DC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 230- 1000VAC ;
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60Hz (Variation: 48-62Hz) ;
  • Outgoing Amperes: 25-5150A DC ;
  • Ambient: 0-50 Deg C ;
  • Ampere range: 25A to 5200A ;


AC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 200-230 VAC( +10% -15%), 380-500VAC (+10% -15%)
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60 Hz, +/-5%
  • Ambient: 0-45 Deg C ( 0-40 Deg C with Ip40 Cover)
  • Power range: 0.5KW to 2900KW