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ACS800 AC Drives

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AC Drives are used to control speed & torque of a standard induction motor, the workhorse of the industry.

AC Drives technology extends the motor speed range from zero to high above the rated speed, increasing the productivity of the drives process.

When a low capacity is enough, the drive reduces the machine speed & saves energy.


DC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 230- 1000VAC ;
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60Hz (Variation: 48-62Hz) ;
  • Outgoing Amperes: 25-5150A DC ;
  • Ambient: 0-50 Deg C ;
  • Ampere range: 25A to 5200A ;


AC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 200-230 VAC( +10% -15%), 380-500VAC (+10% -15%)
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60 Hz, +/-5%
  • Ambient: 0-45 Deg C ( 0-40 Deg C with Ip40 Cover)
  • Power range: 0.5KW to 2900KW