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Turnkey Project

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A turnkey Project is a Project that includes everything you need to immediately start running the business. A Project that is being sold as a turnkey Project would include tangibles such as inventory and equipment through intangibles such as a previously established reputation and goodwill. 

A turnkey project could involve the following elements depending on its complexity:

  1. Project administration
  2. Licensing-in of Process
  3. Design and Engineering Services
  4. Subcontracting
  5. Management Control
  6. Procurement and Expediting of Equipment
  7. Materials Control
  8. Inspection of Equipment Prior to Delivery
  9. Shipment, Transportation
  10. Control of Schedule and Quality
  11. Pre-commissioning and Completion
  12. Performance-guarantee Testing
  13. Inventorying Spare-Parts
  14. Training of Owner's/ Plantsub-systemoperating and maintenance personnel
  15. Advanced Loop Schemes (primary used in the Electric Utility Industry)

DC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 230- 1000VAC ;
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60Hz (Variation: 48-62Hz) ;
  • Outgoing Amperes: 25-5150A DC ;
  • Ambient: 0-50 Deg C ;
  • Ampere range: 25A to 5200A ;


AC Drives:

  • Incoming Voltage: 200-230 VAC( +10% -15%), 380-500VAC (+10% -15%)
  • Incoming Frequency: 50/60 Hz, +/-5%
  • Ambient: 0-45 Deg C ( 0-40 Deg C with Ip40 Cover)
  • Power range: 0.5KW to 2900KW